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When it comes to maintaining your septic system, regular septic tank pumping can’t be overlooked. In our beautiful state of Oregon, clean water and healthy soils are important to everyone. That’s why Aloha Sanitary Service works hard to ensure our customers’ septic systems remain in the best possible operating condition. It not only helps you, but it also helps to protect our environment.

Understanding how to maintain your septic system is incredibly important. When it runs smoothly, the system benefits the environment and saves you money. When maintenance is ignored or deferred, the septic system can create biohazards inside and outside of your home.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of regular maintenance, including how to tell when your septic system needs help from a licensed professional. We’ll also offer advice for keeping your tank operable so it continues to benefit your home and the environment year after year.

If you’re experiencing septic system issues or you have questions about your recommended maintenance schedule, call Aloha Sanitary Service today at (503) 648-6254.

How To Tell When Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping

One of the first signs that your septic system may not be operating correctly is slow drainage in your home. Whether it’s your tub, shower, or a floor drain, if you notice that water is overflowing or not draining as quickly as it should, it could mean that your septic tank requires immediate attention. Bubbling in your toilet bowl and gurgling noises from pipes are other common signs that wastewater may be backing up the line from the septic tank into your home.

Inside the tank is a tiny ecosystem where beneficial bacteria and enzymes break down solid waste. If the tank is not pumped regularly, this ecosystem becomes overwhelmed, and waste begins to clog the lines of your septic system. You may notice standing water or overly soggy soil around the septic tank lid. This is a clear indicator that the tank is overflowing and the “effluent” (liquid waste) is not reaching the leach lines of your drainfield. Effluent odors and abnormally soggy ground in the drainfield area can also be indicators of a system in need of professional help.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, call our Hillsboro office right away, and by tackling the problem, we’ll make the health of your family and the environment our top priority. We have a reputation in Oregon for showing up when our customers need us most, including emergency service on weekends and holidays.

How Often Should I Have My Septic Tank Pumped?

The recommended frequency at which your septic tank should be pumped, cleaned, and inspected depends on the size of your tank and the number of people living in the home. In most cases, this should occur every 3 to 5 years. But the more people in your household, or the smaller the tank’s capacity, the more frequently the tank will need to be pumped. A garbage disposal should also be factored into this equation, as its use will contribute solid waste to your tank.

Limiting the amount of toilet paper and food waste that enters the tank, as well as conserving water, are the easiest ways to lower maintenance costs and maximize the life of your septic system. Oregon’s DEQ website has a handy fact sheet that can help you decide on a maintenance schedule that works best for the size of your household.

The Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Pumping

Pumping your septic tank frequently doesn’t just mitigate clogs and foul odors; it also keeps your system running efficiently, which prevents costly repairs down the road and extends the lifespan of your drainfield. Deferring maintenance or ignoring signs of trouble can lead to catastrophic failure. And the costs of major repairs and system replacements are much higher than the costs of regular tank pumping and inspection.

Call Aloha Sanitary Services for Septic Tank Solutions

At Aloha Sanitary Service, we are licensed, experienced, and come highly recommended by our customers. We’re a hometown success story that now serves more members of our community than ever before. We offer septic tank pumping and system inspection services throughout the Portland metro area.

If you are a homeowner with a septic system, Aloha Sanitary Service can assist with any need. Our services include septic pumping, snaking and jetting of clogged lines, licensed inspections, as well as cost-effective repairs. Our technicians receive continued training and education so we can make sure that your system operates smoothly, helping to keep our state beautiful. Call us today at (503) 648-6254.